Thursday, 15 December 2016

Review of Sundered by Bethany Adams

How welcome it is to be back in the world of Morainia.  The world remains as beautiful and inspiring as it did in Soulbound and I loved returning to it.  Starting directly after the dramatic closing events of Soulbound, Sundered focus’ on Lyr’s story the most.  There is much on his mind, whilst having to track Kien and deal with the aid requests from those realms who are suffering from the energy poisoning, he also has to deal with the guilt over what happened to his mother and the pain from his own injury.

The energy poisoning coming down from the Earth is spreading to the far reaches of the realm.  Alfheim, an insular city, long cutting itself off from the worlds outside are the latest to fall victim and find themselves having to seek aid from Lyr, meaning that he has yet another thing on his plate, however many in the group are not what they seem.  There is an instant connection with Lady Amelia (Meli), who is close to being shunned by her kin due to her perceived lack of magical talent.  She is baffled by the choice to send her on such a delicate mission, a mission that will have life changing consequences for her.  There is  a familiarity sensed by both Lyr and Arlyn when they first meet Meli - a memory of Aimee, and for Lyr, a need to be bonded with her.   Although he knows that he must push such things aside for both the memory of Aimee and the race against time to stop Kien, he can’t help but wander from his duties.

The peaceful world is shattered however when great atrocities take place and the need to step up the search for Kien intensifies.  The assassins are still finding ways to breach the defences and dangerous missions are ahead for them, but an opportunity to collapse the spell causing the poison can’t be missed.   Ralen’s ability as seer however is not quite back on form and there is confusion and potential danger at every change of the fates, Eri’s own foresight only muddies the waters further.  There is betrayal and great insult, leaving fragile allegiances in tatters but from that arises the chance for new ones to be formed.

Can they foil Kien in time and at what cost?

The storytelling is again utterly captivating and there are many revelations in this tale full of twists and unexpected turns.  A great follow up to Soulbound!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Review of the Sauvage Domicile by Courtney Ruggles

Thankfully picking back up from where we left off at the end of the Vrai Domicile, we rejoin Q and the others as they make good their dramatic escape from the sixth, although tragedy has struck and not all of the group make it to the forest beyond.  Q and U are initially split off from the others forcing their bond to strengthen and when Q’s life is again in danger, B is the one to help bring her to the others albeit in an unexpected way.  An unlikely band of escapees has gathered, including some who Q would never have thought to have supported her cause.  They must learn to work together in order to explore the wilderness, the Sauvage, and move forward with the quest to bring everyone.

Q settles uneasily into her role as poster girl for the revolution, beset by the grief of the lives lost indirectly from her actions she struggles to deal with the new emotions freedom affords her, including the experience of platonic love.  However, she finds herself riddled with self doubt and guilt, with little in the way of support from her fellow escapees who struggle to understand her actions and her love for someone other than B.  Respite is at hand though in the form of Chrysanthe, a Transient girl and all round free spirit who helps Q embrace the new life and freedoms.  

The group are still haunted and hunted by the domiciles, reminders of their cruelty litter the path to the Transient stronghold and despite freeing themselves of the means to be tracked they still find themselves battling the Guerriers whilst seemingly far from their radar.  

Where there was once great hope we are then sucker punched by betrayal on the grandest scale and truths from the Vrai Domicile are revealed in a way that shakes both you as a reader and also Q to the core.  Q’s fate seems sealed but when she receives help from the most unlikely source she is struck by an epiphany, which can only mean that heading into book 4 we are dealing with a very different girl who is very clearly set on her path.

This series continues to grow and mature alongside of Q, I was utterly captivated by the writing of the emotions wrought upon her and the feelings brought about by that.  This remains one of my most highly rated series and the plot twists and revelations coupled with some phenomenal writing makes this another 5* read for me.  

Friday, 2 December 2016

Review of The Soultakers by Christina L Rozelle

So for me to finish a book in a week or so is usual for me.  What is unheard of is for me to finish a 300+ page book in 24 hours.  That’s how much of a page turner and nail biter The Soultakers is (i’m ashamed to say that my parenting today mainly consisted of cartoons so I could sneak in extra chapters).    

The story starts back in Zentao, about 2 weeks after the closing events and revelations from The Treemakers.  Joy still retains the secret behind their “paradise” allowing the children their freedoms to play and learn.  Their contentment however, is short lived with attacks first on the electrics, which shatters the illusion of their new home and then the water supply is sabotaged forcing them to flee Zentao, the children one way and the elders through a second route.  Before the evacuation starts Joy is handed vague information about "The Seekers Keys" with instruction not to share the information with Smudge and to keep the knowledge safe.  What then follows has to be one of the most frightening and adrenaline fuelled story line sections I have ever read, hold on tight for this one, it pulls no punches and will get you ugly crying for sure.  During the escape Joy unexpectedly comes into possession of part of the Seekers Keys, an item which is to bring unimaginable suffering at the hands of Lord Daumier, who along with his Clergy (known as the Soultakers) will stop at nothing to secure possession of all 3 parts.  

It then very much becomes a story of 2 parts and I have to say I am finding it so hard to put into words the feelings this story brought out in me, during the second part the characters spend much of their time in fear and confusion, mind games and lies upon lies left them and me questioning which reality I believed and hoped in.  Rays of hope shine through Joys distorted world however, and slowly the fog clears and her mission remains resolute.  Personal sacrifices must be made both willingly and unwillingly to protect the children and allow her to fulfil her promise of keeping them safe.  

As with the Treemakers, this is a real page turner, I literally couldn’t put it down.  I would again say it’s for more mature YA readers as there are strong themes and vivid portrayals of violence.  The story is intricately woven, with lots of standout moments and shocking and surprising twists which I have tried to avoid spoiling - there is so much more I would love to say about this book!   The fact that one of the latter characters shares my son’s name gives it a sixth star for good taste ;)   I cannot commend this series highly enough and I’m glad that book 3, The Seekers Keys, is released tomorrow, I have to know how this story ends!!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Review of The Treemakers by Christina L Rozelle

So I was lucky enough to win a copy of The Treemakers at an author takeover event, it’s fair to say that this author wasn’t known to me until then and I’m glad that I got this opportunity.  

So, the Earth has been ruined by it’s inhabitants, the hole in the atmosphere leaving no protection to anything above ground, wander in the open at your peril.  The decimation of the trees has led to poor oxygenation and life expectancy.  In order to survive new trees are fabricated from metals, filtering out the toxic air and allowing life - of a quality of sorts.  Joy (although her existence is far from joyous) is a teenager working in the tree factory, although young herself, she is “momma Joy” to the younger children forced to work alongside her in perilous conditions, her and her best friend Jax, the unofficial parents to the orphaned brigade.  The factory is overseen by the “superiors”, truly vile specimens of adulthood, able to prolong their lives through the oxygen canisters they are privy to.  The children are ruled by fear .

Joy and Jax, when the opportunity arises, spend their nights exploring the bunkers and underground tunnels for anything that could make their lives easier, and one night they are pulled into an experience like no other, a paradise beneath the factory and a chance to escape.  Caught on their return, punishments are severe and without mercy - punishments that fuel their need for vengeance and escape further than ever.    Help from unexpected quarters leads to a a chance of a new life, but at what cost, and can paradise really be so?

I would say that this is a book which is very much at the top end of the YA age range, there are some really difficult topics which although are alluded to, still very much stayed with me.  The friends receive horrible abuses at the hands of the Superiors and powerful imagery is left in it’s wake.  The story pulls no punches when it comes to the risks taken and is very much a tonic to the stories where some characters are obviously expendable from the start.    

It had the power to convey a sense of menace throughout and i had adrenaline at times about what was going to come on the next page, I was left never fully relaxed whist reading on tenterhooks about what would happen next.  It’s been a long time since i have been reading a book and spending every spare second sneaking in a couple of pages here and there.  

I realise that i have made this sound very doom and gloom and it isn’t the case there are some beautiful moments - especially when Joy becomes storyteller to the children, and when she find she is able to reminisce about her father when new friends are unexpectedly made along the way.   The children's final destination provides them with the reprieve that they so needed, but the truth weighing on Joy’s shoulders is very much something that i am looking forward to finding out more about in book 2.

In a world which seems too good to be true, can Joy let her guard down and embrace what the future could be?

This is an exceptional story and i’m glad I also won book 2 so I can move straight on to the next part.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Author Interview with Courtney Ruggles

For this weeks spotlight I welcomed Courtney Ruggles, Author of the New Adult Dystopian Domicile Series. In time for the release of book 3 in the series, The Sauvage Domicile, she graciously found time amongst the busy preparations to take part in our author interview!

Q: For those that are new to Courtney Ruggles, can you tell us a bit about your books?

Courtney: The Domicile Series started out as a short story in a high school creative class and then blew up into this series! It’s been an amazing journey. The Domiciles were erected after a revolution where tyrant rebels destroyed the previous government. In an attempt to promote loyalty and love, the Elders forced strict restrictions such as the clothing people wear, their names, their life professions, and who they’ll marry. As well as each person has to wear a mask, concealing all identity, and making everyone conform. Of course, we humans don’t like to conform so an uprising happens and it’s Q437B’s and B116A’s love that sparks the Second Revolution.

Q: The Domicile Series touches on some very heavy subjects, how much does your background in social work influence the issues faced by Q?

Courtney: A lot! I don’t think I could write what I have in the Domicile Series without the education, knowledge, and experiences I’ve had. Studying oppression and marginalized groups has really helped me create the atmosphere and psychological climate in the Domicile Series.

Q: In a world of uniformity, what was it about masks which led you to choose them as the only symbol of individuality?  The decoration on some sound truly beautiful.

Courtney: Honestly, I had the idea of masks with designs over ten years ago. If the people are completely covered, then there had to be a way to differentiate each other. In order to continue with uniformity even in the themes of the masks, they mostly represent the individual’s Life Path tying their individuality to their career. So the Elders are still controlling it all. And in a place where all is uniform, there has to be some beauty, because even that can help keep complacency.

Q: The world within the Domicile is so complex and intricate, do you fall into the planner camp when writing or was the world there in your mind ready to flow to the page?

Courtney: I am definitely a pantser! When I first wrote The Sixth Domicile, I left it open to be turned into a series, but honestly, I thought it was going to be a stand-alone. Then my editor and publisher said I HAD to make it into a series, which I happily obliged! However, I had no idea where it was going after The Sixth Domicile, only inklings of where I might take the story. Even now I’m still flying by the seat of my pants as I write the fourth and final installment of the series.

Q: Are your characters always a complete work of fiction or is there an element of someone you know to start the idea rolling?

Courtney: A couple of my characters are definitely based on traits and personalities of people. B116A is based on a good friend. K706A in The Sauvage Domicile is also one of my good friends. His character is probably the most similar to the actual person in any of the characters in The Domicile Series. Grandmother, B116B, Maddox, Q437A are all complete fiction, though I’m sure I’ve ran into a couple of people in my life with characteristics from those characters ;)

Q: What are your experiences of being an Indie Author, do you find that social media is a help or a distraction to your writing?

Courtney: I’m not an actual Indie Author. I am with a small publishing house, Elephantine. But I think the effect of social media are the same! It’s distracting! And helpful at the same time. In the current climate, I’m seeing more parallels to The Domicile Series which is both scary and motivating for the story. But I often find myself perusing through social media and marketing myself than actually fixating on writing sometimes.

Q: What are you currently working on or is it a secret!?

Courtney: I am currently working on Book 4 in The Domicile Series! It is the last book in the series, and I’m having a crisis as I know I have to say goodbye to Q and B. But I have a couple more ideas from my backlist that I will work on after the completion of Book 4 (yes, I’m keeping the title a secret for now ;) ). A romance might be in order! Or maybe a rom-com?

Q: If you could be any character you have written who would you choose?

Courtney: I would definitely choose Chrysanthe from The Sauvage Domicile! She is so confident in who she is it is amazing to me. I loved writing her and secretly want to be her.

Q: What are you currently reading?

Courtney: I am currently reading Dark Dreams and Dead Things in Martina McAtee’s Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things series. The story got me hooked in the first book and I’m excited to see where these characters go. I’m also reading a manuscript for a fellow author.

Q: Fictional Dinner Party - give me 5 fictional characters or authors who you would have as dinner companions.

Courtney: Holy crap! What a loaded question! Harry Potter for sure! Then Stephen King, after R.L. Stine he was my go-to author to read. Scott Westerfeld, author of The Uglies and Peeps and a few others, would definitely be a guest, I just love his dystopian twists. Darynda Jones, author of the Charley Davidson series seems like she would be a freaking ball of fun, so I definitely want her there. I seriously cannot narrow it down from here! Heather Hildenbrand, not only because she’s my publisher, but she’s freaking amazing (but I’ve had a dinner with her, so I know it’s awesome), Kristina Circelli, again my editor, but her mind kind of works like mine (again, already had dinner with her a couple times so I know it’ll be fun!). There’s so many people I want to invite! Can’t we just have a party?? I like parties.

Thank you so much Courtney for taking the time to answer these, good luck with the release of the Sauvage Domicile!

Monday, 31 October 2016

Review of Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things by Martina McAtee

So I have been quiet with my reviews of late because I have been reading Children Shouldn’t play with Dead Things by Martina McAtee. Coming in around 500 pages (device depending) it’s not a light or quick read!  

We start by being introduced to 17 year old Ember, who has just lost her father.  She works in the local funeral home and spends more time with the dead than the living.  We are then introduced to Mace, sent to watch Ember but he has no idea why which irks him.  We then meet Kai and Tristin, Embers forgotten and estranged cousins.  All of them come together for an event that will change them forever, although for some it isn’t immediately clear to what degree.

Ember discovers that she is part of a family of Reapers, collectors of souls to help them cross to the other side.  She is brought to her cousin’s home, which she discovers is home to the Belladonna Wolf Pack, with the fiesty Isa as Alpha.  A home for strays of sorts from the human, Fae, reaper and shifter community.  They live and work together and for the most part all is well, until the gravity of Kai’s actions when he met Ember really come to fruition.  Strange things start happening, zombies are found roaming and everyone is keeping secrets from each other of varying magnitude.  Ember struggles to understand how she became so hidden from this world she finds herself in and everyone she meets has a different side of the tale to tell - none of them really ending particularly well.  One things for certain, Ember is powerful and her ability to control it comes from an unlikely source.

Whilst this is going on we have several relationships forming, again with varying degrees of success, but despite this being a YA PNR I didn’t find the romance aspect too much or out of context with the story.

So did I enjoy it?  I have mulled it over for a while and I have to say that I did, there were times that I really couldn’t put it down and I got completely immersed in the story but it took me some time to get there.  There are a lot of characters and chapters are from 4 different POV’s which took me some time to get my head round.  But I don’t mind multiple POV’s I think that they really help get every side of the story told, I just hate when there are so many characters that I can’t remember who everyone is from chapter to chapter.  I think that’s where my hesitance lies, I don’t like being pulled out of a story, which this did.

The story is full of twists and has clearly been well researched, the cover is beautiful and captivated me long before I had the time to read it and I love the little artistic flourish at the start of each chapter. The upside of such a long story is that you really feel invested in the characters, the slow burn romances, the heartbreak at lies that are told, the fear and emotion are all made more intense by the amount of time you spend getting to know them.

This is an amazing story, which is completely immersive, with fun and feisty characters who you can really identify with if you were ever the teenager who felt they were always on the outside looking in.  Not your typical High Schoolers for a not so typical world in an unexpectedly captivating read.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Blessed Knights by Mary Ting Release Day blitz and Fraud by Casey L Bond Release Day Blitz/

Title: The Blessed Knights
Author: Mary Ting
Genre: YA Fantasy/Paranormal
Editor: Jessica Nelson
Cover Designer: Regina Wamba at MaeIDesign & Photography
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
Blurb: Above a small hill lay a home.
And green men peer out under the dome.
Thirteen crisscrossing arches behold,
with angels singing must be told.
Cubes like teeth thus showed,
pierce one and the door shall glow.
Part the sea like Moses,
to see the bundle of red roses.
Only then you shall see,
what is destined to be free.
Eli, Lucia’s half-demon love interest, has been stabbed with a true-cross dagger and captured by Cyrus, master of the possessor demons. The Chosen Knights must work together once again not only to save Eli, but also to decipher a clue to find the second missing page of Jacques de Molay’s journal. Meanwhile, Uncle Davin informs Crossroads’ Divine Elders of the danger ahead and learns there is much to fear. Countless children are being taken from all over the world to be turned into demons. Michael, one of the Divine Elders, has no choice but to intervene. The Chosen Knights track down Mortem, the demon who is the key to finding Cyrus, and learn they must travel deep into the pit of a Hawaiian volcano. When they astral travel to the past in search of a clue and follow Jacques de Molay to Rosselyn Chapel in medieval Scotland, what they find will rewrite history.
Mary Ting resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children’s chapter book-No Bullies Allowed.
Author Links:
Buy Link:
The Angel Knights:
The Chosen Knights:
The Blessed Knights:
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Title: Fraud
Author: Casey L Bond
Genre: NA Paranormal
Cover Model: Ashley Caruso
Cover Designer: Cover Me Darling
Cover Photography: Nadege Richards of Vellum and Wing Photography
Editor: Stacy Sanford
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
Every curse has a beginning.
Every curse has an end.
But no curse is fulfilled without sacrifice.
Someone has been lying to Porschia Grant—someone she loves. And the secrets withheld might spell disaster for her and the world.  Much like curses, lies can hurt. They can ruin everything.
When everything falls apart, is happily ever after even a possibility?
Hunger is deceitful.
Award-winning author Casey L. Bond resides in Milton, West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. When she’s not busy being a domestic goddess and chasing her baby girls, she loves to write young adult and new adult fiction. You can find more information about Bond’s books via the following links: 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Zombie Crawl 3

Zombie Crawl 3

Hello and welcome Playgrounders!  I am very honoured to be taking part in this years BOD Zombie Crawl! This is the 3rd year that this awesome event has been running but it’s the first time that I have taken a shot at hosting for a day, so I hope I do them proud.

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I have an awesome giveaway going at the end of this post so please enter when you get there!

So we are big gamers in our bunker and the one gaming franchise that never fails to get us scared to open doors and go down dark tunnels is the Resident Evil Series (it is also my biggest guilty pleasure when it comes to films - I mean the final film has zombie dragons, it’s going to be epic).  For us, the stand out resident evil game has to be number 4, purely for it’s volume of moments when we really didn’t want to go somewhere.   I mean come on, would you want to go down a dark corridor in an abandoned medical facility where those snuflling and moaning noises were coming from?   Although in some ways they were preferable to Ashley’s insufferable shouting of “Leon” every time she was rubbish at something, which was frequent.  

Resident Evil 4 really has a bit of everything, our intrepid Leon starts in the villiage for some good old hack and slash fun, moving into the Church for some Tomb Raider worthy puzzling, to the lake for more boss battling and finally to the aforementioned medical facility. Dr. Salvador easily beats Resident Evil 3’s “Nemesis” as the most scary boss of all time in our book, the sound of a chainsaw was enough to send us into a run and hide frenzy.

We also have to tip that hat to Leon for managing to maintain perfect hair no matter what the game threw at him.

For our Halloween delectation this year we have just downloaded the re-masted version of the original Resident Evil for PS4, lets hope it's all we remembered it to be!  I know there may be die hard Silent Hill fans who may disagree, but in this bunker, Resident Evil rules the apocalyptic zombie roost.  Did I mention the new film has Zombie Dragons, check out the trailer - you’re welcome ;)

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Zombie Crawl 3

a blog party from Band of Dystopian Authors & Fans
October 24 - 31, 2016
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The Schedule

OCTOBER 24 – Monday
Jeffrey Clare (publisher, group host)
OCTOBER 25 – Tuesday
Rissa Blakeley (author)
OCTOBER 26 – Wednesday
R.L. Blalock (author)
Bryan Way (author)
OCTOBER 27 – Thursday
Claire C. Riley (author)
M. Lauryl Lewis (author)
OCTOBER 28 – Friday
Grivante (author)
OCTOBER 29 – Saturday
Kate L. Mary (author)
Brea Behn (author)
OCTOBER 30 – Sunday
Cameo Renae (author)
J.W. Vohs (author)
OCTOBER 31 – Monday
Casey Hays (author)
Lee Ryder (author)
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So I know i’m stepping away from the Zombie Theme but I think you will agree that this is an awesome prize that the Zombie Hoards will be clamouring to get the decaying hands on.
I recently went to London to see the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, whilst I was there I picked up for one lucky winner an official Bookmark from the Theatre Store!

To be in with a chance of winning this awesome prize just head over to the Post-Apocalyptic Playground facebook page and give me a like (I will be checking) and then play the game below! Enter your answer in the comments and I will use to chose a winner at the end of the Crawl.  This giveaway is open internationally.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Author Interview with LC Morgans

For this weeks spotlight, we welcome LC Morgans, Author of the amazing Invasion Day Series. The 3rd book in the series, Resonant, was released this week but she still found time to take part in our interview in between all the release week fun!

Q: For those that are new to LC Morgans, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your books?

LC: I write dystopian science fiction and currently have the first three in my Invasion Day series for sale on Amazon. It’s a story set a thousand years in the future, in which humans have used and abused the planet beyond repair to both the earth itself and to society. Close to cataclysm, an alien race called the Thrakorian's step in to save the planet, and the humans, but at a price. The human race is then enslaved to their new masters, albeit willingly, and this is the story of a young girl and her journey into adulthood beneath their reign.

Q: Are your characters always a complete work of fiction or is there an element of someone you know to start the idea rolling?

LC: They always start off as their own person of complete fictional creation, but then inevitably they end up with some traits from people I know or have come across along the way. I think those small edges make them real, as though they’re as flawed and lifelike as the reader getting to know them. I love developing elements like that within the storyline.

Q: What are your experiences of being an Indie Author, do you find that social media is a help or a distraction to your writing?

LC: I love the freedom being an Indie Author gives me, and am lucky to have some great people on my team who help me along the way and keep me excited for my projects both new and older. Social media is a massive tool in cultivating those friendships and also getting your name out there into the big, wide world. Just as long as you don't spend too much time on them when you ought to be writing or working on your manuscript, I think they’re a great tool.

Q: In the Invasion Day series you have created a whole new race and latterly a whole new world, how do you even begin to go about creating a whole new world like that?

I started with just a simple concept of ‘what would happen if an alien species invaded Earth?’ and I simply began to imagine a future in which it’d happened, but also that they weren’t all too bad. As though our race was in desperate need of help and they stepped in, but of course with their own agenda. After that, the concept progressed naturally and as I typed I loved coming up with new ideas and elements to their race and lives away from Earth.

Q: What are you currently working on or is it a secret!?

LC: Well, I’m pleased to confirm that I’ve started writing the fourth Invasion Day book so that’ll be coming in 2017 and I’m so excited with where the story is going so far. After the epic ending of Resonant, I was excited to get started on the next one and hope I don't disappoint!
Q: If you could be any character you have written who would you choose?

LC: Wow, well of course it has to be Kyra! She’s the strong heroine of my series and has fought hard to find her way. I also fell in love with the leading men in her life a little too!

Q: You also pen under Laura Morgan, those books are very different in content and tone, is it difficult to genre hop?

LC: Yes, they’re incredibly different! It is hard at times to genre hop as the other books are aimed at purely adults and are dark, so I’ve been bouncing around between the two depending on my current moods and which story is most prevalent in my mind. I wanted to keep the two as separate as possible, and hope I’ve managed it, even if a little romance still crept into my science fiction and I simply couldn't fight it!

Q: You’re a regular on the UK signing circuit, what is it about signings that keep bringing you back in for more?

LC: I love the energy and experiences on the day, as well as the opportunity the signings give me to develop my readership and hopefully come away with new friends, reader and connections in the book world such as the blogs and models. Everyone is so friendly and we’ve had a great time at all of my events so far. I urge all readers to attend one if they can, not only to see their favourite writers, but also to discover new ones while they’re there.

Q: What are you currently reading?

LC: I’ve just introduced my daughter to the Harry Potter series so we’re reading them together at the moment. I read them so long ago it’s lovely having the chance to revisit some of my old favourites!
Q: Fictional Dinner Party - give me 5 fictional characters or authors who you would have as dinner companions.

LC: I guess it’d have to Harry Potter for sure, and then I’d love to invite the late Terry Pratchett so I could pick his brain about the worlds he created and impressive creatures. After that, I’d love to know what other big female heroine’s would make of Kyra so I guess it’d have to be Katniss (Hunger Games), Triss (Divergent) and then Bella (Twilight) just to see what they’d be like!

Wow, thank you so much LC Morgans for taking this time, very excited to hear that you have started writing book four in the series, I can't wait to find out what happens next!