It’s Throwback Thursday!
Every week I will go back through my bookshelf and dust off those that have been there for a while!
This Week will be Dune by Frank Herbert
Dune will always be a little special, I think it was one of the first truly Science Fiction novels I read.  The crazy thing being that if it wasn’t for my immense love for David Lynch it may well have passed me by.  Now, Dune the movie was far from Lynch’s best work, however, it was the story and world that drew me in (well it was hardly going to be Sting’s acting).  Next stop was the book shop, I even remember I got it in Brighton (UK) during a day out with the family (I was only 13 or 14).  It is a story covering many facets, the sociological elements of the noble houses and the religious fortitude of the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood, but of course it’s all about the Spice.  Melange.  

This highly coveted commodity is only harvested on Arrakis, amongst the Dunes and the dangerous sandworms the native Freman have adapted but their long term proximity to the spice has had an impact on them.  The power struggle between the houses Atreides and Harkonnen is at the forefront with their battle to control the spice, with young Paul Atreides fulfilling a prophecy only made possible through Melange itself.  It’s a book I should find the time to read again, as it has been such a long time since I last picked it up from my shelf.  It is a world rich with character and intrigue, plots within plots, but the rewards from allowing yourself to become completely immersed and lost in the words is immeasurable.  I would welcome your thoughts and memories of this book, perhaps it’s one that you have read recently or if not at all, you are now intrigued to - i have tried to avoid any real spoilers for that reasons :)

In case you didn't believe me with my dusty old copy here is mine from around 1993 :)